Information Technology

Information Technology

Information is a key resource for all enterprises, and from the time that the information is created to the moment that it is destroyed, information technology and its management play a significant role.

Information technology is increasingly advanced and has become pervasive in enterprises and in social, public, and business environments. As a result, enterprises and their executives strive to:

  • Maintain high-quality information to support business decisions
  • Generate business value from IT investments
  • Achieve operational excellence through the reliable and efficient application of new technology
  • Maintain IT-related risk at an acceptable level while optimizing the cost of IT services and technology
  • Comply with ever-increasing relevant laws, regulations, contractual agreements and policies

Our Services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture: strategy evaluation, planning, design of operating models, and business process modelling and engineering
  • Enterprise Systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM Maximo, Salesforce): business case development, system selection, design, implementation and integration assistance, and quality assurance
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC): identification of compliance and internal control requirements, review of the organization’s risk management processes, and selection, design, and implementation of integrated GRC solutions
  • Shared Services and Outsourcing: business case studies, negotiation and transition support
  • Project and change management